In the beginning was the beat.

Then the beat became the Dual Rhythm

Represented by the two Swans of Balance:

Mya’at of Creation and Yurugu of Chaos.

Together they are known as Sankofa.


When the ultimate chaos was committed,

A’she, the spiritual energy inside of every living thing, became

Distorted and thus, the negative force of DysOrder took form.

As a result, a battle occurred between Balance and DysOrder in the form of

Hueman manifestations of Sankofa called The Sankofa Children.

In order to keep Balance they would complete their Nia (purpose)

Of destroying the physical manifestation of DysOrder.


Thousands of years have passed.

The world has experienced a massive cataclysm called

The Great Shattering.


The Moon of Chaos inches closer to the planet.

The Sankofa Children have forgotten who they are.

Unless the last pure feather of Yurugu is found…

Unless the Sankofa Children remember their Nia…


Sankofa will not Embrace…

And all will be forever lost...




The  first issue of Antoine GHOST Mitchell's

debut Afro-Fantasy Comic Book



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